Thursday, 26 February 2009

D-Day minus three

OK, I've done an interval session, (last real training before Sunday's 2-up, and mostly a confidence-booster), and I've just checked the weather on the BBC Weather page....

...for a change, it might be nice. Usually we get snow or hail or cold or rain or wind, or some combination of those, This time the BBC are forecasting sunny spells:
Sunny Intervals
Max: 10°C50°F
Sunrise: 07:02
Wind: WNW 12mph
Hum: 84%
Press: 1007mB
Vis: Moderate

On the other hand, Saturday night's not quite so great:
Light Rain
Min: 7°C45°F
Sunset: 17:57

Hopefully, it'll be dry and relatively warm. Let's hope I'm up to hanging on "Grumpy" Art Vanderlay's wheel on Sunday. At least my interval session this morning did boost my confidence somewhat.

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Art Vanderlay said...

well, I have to confess that this cold has really taken a toll on my training in tis last week. Hopefully, the good work I did prior to last weekend will tide me over. But I've been coughing, wheezing and sneezing all week. Each day since Tuesday has seen an improvement, so I am confident that it will be gone by race day. However, I've not been able to do the fine tuning that I wanted to and I have been left feeling a little drained by the virus.

As I say, though, I am confident all will be well come the big day. Just don't expect to be going too fast when you're on my wheel.

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