Sunday, 11 October 2009

Team Grumpy suffer technophilia and go a bit hi-tech

Grumpy Bob's purchase of a Polar CS600X bike computer is symptomatic of a malaise afflicting Team Grumpy - technophilia. This condition manifests itself as an enthusiasm for technically challenging gadgets which Team Grumpy's ageing neurons struggle to come to terms with.

In Grumpy Bob's case, he has had to finally bite the bullet and RTFM. The CS600X is sufficiently complex that it defies use without properly pondering the instructions. Setting up the Power sensor was fiddly but not complex. Setting up the GPS unit proved impossible without RTFM - Grumpy Bob will be making a second attempt at using the G3 GPS unit to record a route and to deliver speed/distance data to the main unit later this morning (watch this space).

"Grumpy" Art, on the other hand plumped for a Garmin GPS unit, but almost immediately set about the upgrade process in a spectacularly precipitate manner: by contriving a 30mph spill while traversing a roundabout. In keeping with historical records of his bike handling skills, it is noted that the manoeuvre in question did not actually involve a turn as such... Anyway, while in Normandy it became apparent the device was busted - unfortunately repair/replacement was the option, rather than upgrade.

In an effort to cure this sad bout of technophilia, Grumpy Bob is looking to upgrade the TT frame as part of his half century celebrations later this year. Watch this space for more details, but suffice it to say that this will fit Team Grumpy rule #3 quite well.


Art Vanderlay said...

Aha, but when said Garmin GPS was returned (within two days I should note) from Garmin UK, it's improved efficiency in finding satelites etc - which is now done in a matter of three or four seconds - would suggest that there has been a software upgrade at Garmin. Therefore, I am claiming this as an upgrade rather than mere replacement.

Grumpy Bob said...

Have you tried the Garmin in parallel with another computer? I see a distinct delay on the speed readout with the Polar GPS compared with a wired computer (

Art Vanderlay said...

No, I haven't.

But the GPS will be more accurate anyway.

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