Thursday, 7 January 2010


That's how I felt at the end of today's turbo session:

10 mins warm up
10 x 4 min @ c. 350W/L3-4 with 1 min recovery intervals
10 mins warm down

I now need to lie down for the rest of the day


Grumpy Bob said...

That's rather intense for early January, isn't it? Or are you back to the usual pattern of "less than 50 miles per week, but by god it's high intensity"?

Art Vanderlay said...

I'm still hurting today. But, yes, my time available for training is practically sod all, so I'm following the Greg Lemond recommended approach of intensity at this time of year.
Hopefully, when my workload diminishes the weather will be conducive to some longer rides.
The idea is that next month I extend the recovery to 2 ins and drop the efforts to 3 mins and up the intensity further still.

Meanwhile, I am continuing with the weight training, which is always followed by a 45 min ride on the turbo (@ c. L. 1-2). Therefore, there are no easy days at all.

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