Friday, 19 February 2010

Port Talbot Wheelers 2-up '25' preview - part 2 (aaargh!)

As the excitement of the opening event of Team Grumpy's season looms (the 2-up of this post's title), it would seem all is not well in the Team Grumpy camp.

Both "Grumpy" Art and Grumpy Bob seem to have been afflicted by unusual poor health over this winter, which coupled with the generally rather snowy weather has really dented their training. In a recent email, "Grumpy" Art even referred to himself as a "walrus". It is thought that this refers to a cough, rather than physique, since "Grumpy" Art has never been seen in a particularly overweight state.

The same cannot be said for Grumpy Bob, for whom gluttony appears to be the norm, and who relies on a combination of cycle commuting and turbo training to keep his weight down. Here, the snowy weather has dented the former, and a lengthy bout of a recurring cold through most of December has dented the other. He feels distinctly under the weather now, and fears he may have caught a cold that's doing the rounds at his work.

Or maybe it's just galloping hypochondria. Whatever, it would seem that Team Grumpy's season may well have a slow start in 2010.

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Art Vanderlay said...

Well, the walrus comment was inspired by my shock at weighing in at 81.7 kgs. As I am now settled again at 76 kgs - or thereabouts - then I am less concerned about weight. However, lack of training of any type because of this wretched cough is of great concern. 25 miles has never seemed like such a long distance as it does presently. At least the health situation seems to be normalising again. But it is too late to start any quantity or quality training, so the best I can do is a few general conditioning sessions of relatively short duration.

Never mind, the beer will be good.

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