Friday, 6 August 2010

British TT Champs - the best ever TT field?

With one day still to go before entries close for the British TT championships, the list of confirmed competitors reads like a hall of fame of British cycling.

If a field of greater quality than this has ever been assembled in the UK before, then I'm unaware of it. The Tour de France prologue TT in 2007 (in London) might make a claim to that accolade, but given that this was an all male affair with no women's event I still think we can edge it. In fact, the depth of genuine quality in our women's race shows just how far women have come in the sport in Britain.

I'm sure it's going to be a great day. The climb through the town of Llandeilo will catch a few out I suspect. It doesn't look much but it really does require a carefully measured effort. This is where the race will be won or lost and will also provide a real spectacle for those of us who don't have to ride.

I have a crate of Leffe ready for the post-race 'relax'.

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Grumpy Bob said...

Well, one of the great things about the BTTC2010 is that I seem to be associated in some way with the organisation. Fine by me as long as it doesn't go pear-shaped!

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