Monday, 25 October 2010

The return of Team Grumpy

Grumpy Bob finally shaken off the recurrent cold that's been a bit of a burden since he returned from the USA in the first week of October.  This was convenient since Team Grumpy were reunited for the weekend - 'Grumpy' Art Vanderlay was visiting and a Team Grumpy bike ride had been planned for some weeks. 

Of course all Grumpy Bob's assertions that we should 'take it easy' and 'don't forget I've been off the bike for four weeks' had zilch effect as Team Grumpy  found itself zipping along on a beautifully clear and sunny morning (though it was rather cold at the start), particularly after joining an old club mate on the way, with the consequences that generally follow.  Team Grumpy covered around 50 miles in about 3h riding time - the furthest Grumpy Bob has cycled since the trip to France in September, and the first 'proper' bike ride in the last month.  Team Grumpy did stop at a cafe in Winslow, which was just as well, since by the last 10 miles, Grumpy Bob's legs were suffering.  'Grumpy' Art's claims that his legs were in a similar state were, it is suggested, merely politeness.

It was notable how 'mobile' Grumpy Bob's heart rate was: while mostly it was in upper level 1 or lower level 2, it didn't take much for it to leap up to levels normally seen during short time trials.  So recovery may still be some way off.  Fortunately a whole winter's training lies ahead. 

Oh, and Grumpy Bob did collect a slow puncture a mile or two from getting home.

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Art Vanderlay said...

The team training camp was a huge success. Nice to visit the flatlands and the puncture was the icing on the cake.
Meanwhile, the level two sessions continue.

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