Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sartorial elegance Team Grumpy style

Team Grumpy has decided to up its game in the sartorial stakes.  The team's Extensive IT Department has expended huge effort in designing T-shirt logos.  Well, OK, Grumpy Bob spent the best part of half an hour on it.  Anyway, the T-shirts are on order, so Team Grumpy anxiously awaits the outcome.

Will they be wearable?  And for those of you interested in this new component of the 2011 Team Grumpy Uniform, if indeed any such interest exists, here's what the design looks like:

Unfortunately the printing company didn't appear to offer printed beer glasses, so Team Grumpy has had to settle for coffee mugs, excitingly (if not cheerfully) adorned with the above logo.

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