Thursday, 7 June 2012

Picking out the positives

No, this isn't about drug cheats - though, frankly, my recent experience of racing has shown to me how tempting it must be to take something to catch up quicker than is possible naturally.

No, this is about my return to racing - well, I say racing, but it was more training on a T bike (and slow training at that). I have 'raced' three TTs in an eight day period, setting new worst times for 50, 10, and then 25 miles. Seriously, it was only the 25 mile event that was not a worst ever time for me - and that's only because a few years ago I made the mistake of entering the Ross on Wye 'hilly' (more like mountainous) 25.

Sitting in the HQ after the final one of these very public humiliations a friend said to me 'don't worry, you'll be able to pick out the positives from all of this soon enough' (thanks Les). I replied that there was not a chance that anything positive could emerge from this experience. Well, was I right or was Les's more sanguine view justified?

Frankly, I don't know - and only time will tell. But on reflection I was so ill only a month ago that I could not contemplate racing for a while yet. In fact, I entered these three events firmly in the belief that I would probably not be able to start them. I did start, I finished (though I did contemplate a DNF in each), and there has been no adverse health reaction. More importantly, I am back on the bike and still have approx. 15 weeks to build for the DUO.

I guess, then, I have been able to pick out the positives after all.

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