Thursday, 23 April 2009

Almost a Team Grumpy midweek outing

This week's North Bucks club '10' on the Astwood sporting course was overwhelmed with cyclists, and when Grumpy Bob arrived to sign on, the start sheet was filled (mostly with those pesky Team MK types, it seemed!). Amazing what the good weather can do, really (the start sheet was limited to 30 riders due to light). Not to be daunted, Grumpy Bob took advice from NBRC Time Trial Secretary Stubbsy and enquired whether apprentice Team Grumpy member Lindz Barral would be interested in riding 2-up. Happily, he agreed, so at least Grumpy Bob didn't have to return home for a turbo session.

Once again, Lindz revealed strong talents for 2-up time trialling (hopefully "Grumpy" Art won't be too envious), and we scorched round the course in a little over 23 minutes. You can read the full reports at Flies&Bikes and the NBRC website. The only problem is that Lindz doesn't appear to be particularly grumpy, which leaves the question as to what TG name we might give him...

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Art Vanderlay said...

Not Grumpy?

How peculiar.

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