Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Form is that elusive thing that we all search for. Maybe others have a good idea when they get their form, but I've never really been able to nail it. I plan to be in form for September, but I do expect to have something resembling form at this stage of the season. Clearly, this is not yet the case.
Frankly, I think form and myself parted company sometime last year and there is no indication yet of any potential reconciliation. Recent results do support this notion.
However, I have been recovering from a virus of late and cannot be certain that this hasn't taken a toll on my so-called form. I doubt it, but one lives in hope. Anyway, today I went out and tested myself on the TT bike around am undulating circuit that I use often for this very purpose. I've been doing this for years so goodness knows how many 'tests' I have carried out on this circuit. Today, I did my third best ever time.
Could this be sign of better form around the corner? I guess I'll find out on Sunday


Art Vanderlay said...

I can't believe how many typos are in this post. I must check these things before submitting in future because it seems my fingers operate at a different speed to my brain.

Grumpy Bob said...

I corrected your typos!

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