Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Tomorrow is the day...

...Grumpy Bob girds his loins and actually risks accident, injury and death. .

he has plucked up what little courage he has and installed the 11-speed chain (with the extremely expensive mother-of-all-chain-tools*), he has bodged the 11-speed cassette** onto his existing 9-speed Electron wheel, he's fitted and cabled the 11-speed ergolevers (which have a rather comfortable shape), he's splashed out for an astonishingly light 11-speed rear mech and he plans to ride the bike tomorrow morning - but the trouble is...

...he's using two 10-speed components (the front mech and the chainset) which if you peruse the highly alarming instruction book, means he may well be destined for road rash at best, and a funeral at worst!

*The chain tool is pretty awe-inspiring. If you like bike tools that is.

**The lockring that came with the cassette didn't fit the freehub. The only lockring GrumpyBob could find knocking about in his parts bin (aka the garage) isn't really suitable for an 11 tooth cog. but that's a minor issue to sort out...he hopes!

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Art Vanderlay said...

11 tooth sprocket? On a training bike?

Blimey, I need to up my training levels a bit.

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