Friday, 19 June 2009

wimping out

I see that Grumpy Bob wimped out of his club 25 Championship and rumour has it that he has also wimped out of beard removal (though, not yet confirmed).

Well, just to show solidarity I have completey wimped out of any training for almost the last two months. Heavy workloads and now a hacking cough have conspired against me. However, I did ride the Bynea CC 50 mile TT a week ago and surprised myself with 2h 7m on a very windy day on this notoriously tough course. I did 59 mins exactly to the turn (including a 24 sec late start penalty - because I was too busy talking to one of the marshalls on my way to the start), which gives you an idea how strong the wind was.

Having at last got ride of the burden of two jobs (now only have one) I was looking forwards to getting back on the bike when I was struck down by this dreadful cough. I, therefore, anticipate a return to training next week. This should be ample time to be flying for the Duo in late September.


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Grumpy Bob said...

The prospect of negotiating a major RAB on the A5 three times between 7pm and 7.30pm did not fill me or Tony with eager anticipation, particularly since we both rode in the recent Icknield '25'.
On a Sunday morning, I'd have done it...

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