Monday, 23 November 2009

Another "garage puncture"

Grumpy Bob just had an abortive turbo session. Regular readers (if there are such beasts out there) may remember a discussion of Grumpy Bob's work-life balance, which ended with the decision to focus training in the morning, prior to leaving for work. In keeping with this strategy, Grumpy Bob ventured out to the garage this morning to do an early morning interval session.

All was going nicely - good warm up to the appropriate HR, the first interval completed, into the second, when the dreaded flopping noise of a punctured rear tyre could be heard (and, what's more, felt since Grumpy Bob was listening to his iPod at the time). A quick repair was effected, but to no avail - the replacement tube had an unrepaired puncture.

At this point Grumpy Bob retired for breakfast and to repair the original tube. It's probably high time he set out to buy some new inner tubes.

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Art Vanderlay said...

listening to an ipod!!!???!!!
Not sure that this fits with the team 'culture' (something that is likely to become a recurring theme from now on). You shouldn't be distracted from the pain during these sessions. Learning to cope with pain is what the team 'culture' is all about (and I don't mean that in a dodgy sense).
Anyway, I thought you now had some new fangled power measurement system in place.

Grumpy Bob said...

Ho hum, newfangled power indeed. But still kind of train by physiological effort as revealed by what it feels like and by heart rate... Obviously I'm training hard if it makes punctures...

Grumpy Bob said...

And anyway, what's wrong with the iPod re pain of a turbo session? You have some knowledge of my music collection so you should know pain when you hear it.

Art Vanderlay said...

true - clearly, I hadn't thought that one through sufficiently.
I'm still not back on the bike at all yet. That is planned for early next week when my new massive and hugely powerful leg muscles will destroy my bike and turbo, making your punctures look like minor damage.
Alternatively, I will simply struggle to get back into it.

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