Sunday, 22 November 2009

Team Grumpy Management Style

Grumpy Bob noticed this story - Team Sky Reveals Recruiting, Management Methods over at In it Dave Brailsford reveals the secrets behind the recruitment and management policies that are hoped to drive Team Sky forward through the coming seasons.

Oh, how different from Team Grumpy! No resume for our Team Manager-cum- Support Car driver: rather Mrs Grumpy was there, had car, no-brainer. No resumes for the two star riders (it's our team). No worries about communication (actually TG email quite a lot, even though the TG blog is quiet off-season).

On a more serious note, Grumpy Bob thinks it would have been wise for Team Sky to avoid trumpeting a successful management style before success!


Anonymous said...

Mr Brailsford is a self-promoting domineering manager, not afraid of taking and accepting credit for accomplishments which are not his. Accepting honours for best coach after the British Olympic success while not even holding that position with British Cycling was simply wrong. All in cycling know that Shane Sutton was the mastermind behind that success. Detail: Sutton is an Aussie.

Grumpy Bob said...

He also seems to indulge in national stereotypes. Incidentally, is Sutton's nationality an issue?

Art Vanderlay said...

I was somewhat amused by his national stereotyping. I'm not sure that such blanket statements have a place in a 'caring' team. The - relatively - recent history of some countries does not always make for pleasant reading, regardless of how those societies presently function. I think individuals will value being treated as individuals rather than as products of their 'culture' (whatever DB understands that term to mean).
We've seen British teams come and go before. They too often started out with bold statements of ethical positions on this or that.
I do, though, wish the Sky team well and I sincerely hope that they are not setting themselves up for a bad fall.

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