Thursday, 30 December 2010

Further energy drink crisis averted

Team Grumpy is relieved to learn that despite the sad news that the Rochefort Abbey in Belgium has been badly damaged by a fire, production of energy drink by the Trappist monks there will be unaffected. 
To be accurate, at strengths of 7.5% to 11.3% ABV, the Rochefort brews are more of a recovery drink than an energy drink.


Art Vanderlay said...

This does make me realise how much I need to recover at present. My main Christmas present this year (from my wonderful wife) was in fact a drinks cooler that will accommodate 16 large bottles. I anticipate a trip to the supermarket soon so that I can stock it up.

Grumpy Bob said...

Only 16 bottles? Though I suspect that is the memory of youth speaking (c.f. our somewhat anaemic post-Duo celebrations!).

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