Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year's Day '10'

Grumpy Bob rode his club's New Year's Day '10' and won the trophy.  Not quite so impressive when you realise there were only eight riders, and Grumpy Bob may well have been the only member of his club riding...still, his second place with 24:21 was a bit faster than last year.
Grumpy Bob found riding the TT bike for the first time since the Duo Normand (has anyone mentioned the Duo Normand?) rather challenging, not least because his newly acquired belly made it uncomfortable to maintain an aero position.
Something will have to be done...


Art Vanderlay said...

Ah, the old stomach problem. I guess this was always a good reason for the rearward sloping top tube (like my old Giant). Then again, shorter cranks would probably be the asnwer - to prevent the stomach being compressed by the legs.

Still, a win's a win. What were the conditions like?

Grumpy Bob said...

Cold, but not freezing, dank and drizzly at times. Not much wind.

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