Sunday, 17 May 2009

Has Grumpy Bob balanced his work and life?

Sort of.

After the decision to take time in the mornings before going to work, he did the following:

Sunday: 1h level 2 session, before he spent the day helping Mrs Grumpy build an edifice in the garden. The weather then turned bad, which disinclined him from road cycling.
Monday: 2 x 20 mins low level 3, plus the usual commute to work.
Tuesday: 1h level 2 again, also cycled to work.
Wednesday: to work on the TT bike, rode up to the club time trial, rode the club time trial, then rode home.
Thursday & Friday: Grumpy Bob let himself down while attending a training course in Birmingham. While the loss of training was expected, he gorged himself on far too much food. At least booze intake was limited to a glass of wine and a pint of Grolsch.
Saturday: The Lampard '10'. Very windy, very hard.
Sunday: Very much the same as last week - Grumpy Bob types this having done another 1h at level 2, again prior to some gardening work. Hopefully some tandem riding will be possible later on.

Of course, it's too soon to see if this will have any effect, and Grumpy Bob won't be riding an open event until returning from the grumpy tandem tour, in mid-June. However, it is possible that Team Grumpy will assemble for a club event in late May. Watch this space.


Art Vanderlay said...

Yes the May outing might be interesting given that I am doing nothing at the moment. Apart form last Sunday's rather mediocre 30 mile TT (1h 11m) I have done no cycling of any sort for over two weeks. This si due to my life/work balance being all wrong. But I will do an hour turbo later today and should start to get out on the bike again in the next week. Work is easing off and I won't be letting it back in like that again - ever.

Art Vanderlay said...

blimey - just done an hour at Level 2 (300W) and it darned near killed me. I have some serious work to do.

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