Monday, 25 May 2009

A week of increased mileage for Grumpy Bob

Grumpy Bob has persisted with his new stratagem to revitalise his bike training. In the last week, he covered over 230 miles as follows:

Monday - Grumpy Bob did three sets of five 1' intervals at race pace. Then commuted to work on the tandem.

Tuesday - 60' at level 2, and commuted to work.

Wednesday - As usual, a club time trial, this time over at Stony Stratford. With the riding to and from work and Stony Stratford, this came to about 50 miles, and Grumpy Bob felt quite tired when he got home. At least he got under 28 minutes, though he did suffer the ignominy of being caught.

Thursday - The grumpy legs were feeling a bit jaded so only a gentle commute to work.

Friday - Road ride, the commuted by tandem, then topped with an evening trip to the NBRC club room to discuss arrangements for the British Time Trial Championship (6th September).

Saturday - No riding - overhauled the touring tandem (cycle tour starts next week).

Sunday - A total of about 64 miles, about half on the road bike, half on the Longstaff tandem. A brilliant;y hot and sunny day - Grumpy Bob has begin to acquire a "cycling suntan".

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