Friday, 29 May 2009

The Return of Team Grumpy

Resplendent in their new team strip* (or "uniform" as "Grumpy" Art Vanderlay likes to call it), Team Grumpy made a mid-season appearance at the North Bucks Road Club evening '10' on Wednesday evening. Intended to keep the team up to scratch, Team Grumpy was the only 2-up team in what was really the NBRC club '10' championship.

A blustery evening made the H3 trispokes "interesting" at one or two points around the course. Team Grumpy worked well, with very smooth changovers - perhaps one or two spells were rather too long, but that was dictated by circumstances. Team Grumpy were pleased at finishing with 22:24 on the back of severely reduced training, and felt encouraged to work towards the Duo Normand on 20th September. You can read Grumpy Bob's report of the event over at flies&bikes.

*No photos yet, but Team Grumpy has taken to wearing black and white Assos kit. Seems as though "Grumpy" Art's prejudice against Assos has dissipated. However, the amusingly named Assos Starbust Stradale skinsuits are so tight as to make standing upright difficult (but at least amusing, if a little disturbing, for onlookers).

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