Friday, 24 July 2009

Buying speed

No, not some dodgy deal on amphetamines, but Grumpy Bob's latest stunt to justify some more bike bling. Yes, this whole UCI rant has been part of a complex and highly structured campaign to create the ideal conditions under which the purchase of new bike components can be justified.

It's scary sometimes to observe the work of genius. I only wish this talent could be used for good rather than evil.


Grumpy Bob said...

Grumpy Bob wishes to refer you to Team Grumpy rule #3 (see left hand sidebar)

Art Vanderlay said...

It took you a while to respond. I must be losing my touch and will have to be more provocative in future.

Yes, rule number three seems about right. I'll start checking out the skinsuit situation in anticipation of progressing to rule 4.

I've been tampering with my set up - again - and will be doing this weekend's Welsh 10 mile TT champs with very narrow aerobars. I've ridden in this position a couple times this week and it seems to be okay so I thought I'd try it in a real race situation. My guess is that I'll be back on my usual position by next week. But if you don't try these things then you never know if they work or not.

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