Sunday, 23 September 2012

Duo Normand woes

Following Grumpy Bob's 'incident' at the Icknield '10' the other week, he thought things could hardly have got worse for Team Grumpy's ride at the 2012 Duo Normand. After a few days off the bike, he's managed to get some training done, mostly on the turbo. Indeed, his shoulder is far more painful on the bike than on the turbo.

No, what's more worrying is the Brittany Ferries strike. 'Grumpy' Art has been holidaying in Normandy, with the plan of returning to the UK for a few days before returning for the Duo Normand in the guise of Team Grumpy. His return trip was badly affected by the Brittany Ferries strike and subsequent suspension of all Brittany Ferries services (involving two cancellations, then a mid-channel helicopter evacuation of a sick passenger).
Following the series of strikes which has been disrupting our services, our Board has reluctantly taken the decision to tie up the fleet and to cancel all crossings with immediate effect, until further notice. The only route which will be unaffected is the Poole-Cherbourg passenger service which is operated on our behalf by Condor Ferries.
It appears that Brittany Ferries have an arrangement with P&O for Dover-Calais, but this is distinctly suboptimal for many UK riders who've entered the Duo Normand.

Team Grumpy is monitoring the situation somewhat anxiously.  The lack of form has suddenly dropped a few notches lower in Team Grumpy's list of worry.

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