Sunday, 9 September 2012

Oh dear! (a.k.a. Aaaargh!)

With the 2012 edition of the Duo Normand only three weeks away, Team Grumpy riders have been putting the final touches on their training, to ensure they roll of the start ramp in peak condition.

Or they should have been.

In fact both Grumpy Bob and 'Grumpy' Art have had their 2012 season beset by injury, illness and lack of time to commit to effective training. Grumpy Bob has felt the stirrings of some kind of form lately, but has continued to suffer misfortune, most recently at the hands of children arsing around on the F15/10 yesterday afternoon. This caused him to take a nasty 26 mph tumble along the tarmac.

Fortunately, no bones broken. But he's acquired a surprising level of abrasion and bruising. He hopes the bike is OK. His skinsuit and aero helmet were completely trashed in the crash.

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