Saturday, 29 September 2012

Duo preparation

Just prior to registering and signing on for this year's main event (the Duo Normand) we popped in to the supermarket in the host town - Marigny. Parked close to us in the car park was the team car for Orica-Greenedge (the favourites, Durbridge and Tuft ride for them).

Whilst Team Grumpy loaded up the car with Leffe beer, pizza and crisps we couldn't help but notice the pros doing likewise. Except they were loading their car with gallons of mineral water. Call themselves pros - they know nothing. What sort of excuse can they offer with preparation like that?

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Grumpy Bob said...

After our dismal performance in the morning, we went out to Tribehou to watch the professionals come through. Orica-Greenedge came through in the fastest time at that point and went on to win. Looks as though we need to learn lessons from the professionals!

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