Saturday, 31 January 2009

Failing to get my training back on track

I just seem to struggle to get home in time to do quality training. After an 11h working day (with little in the way of breaks), I'm in no shape to do anything significant in the way of training. I'm therefore forced to try and do what I can at 6am before cycling off to work.
This week we commuted by tandem three times, and I did about 2h at level 2, and a "power" session of about 32 minutes. Perhaps the snow will hold off this weekend.
Oh...disaster beckons for the 2009 season.


Art Vanderlay said...

Well, my time is being seriously squeezed. Therefore, today's 2x30 min session was inevitably relegated to 5x5 min progressive intervals - just above threshold. It's a good session, but not what I had planned.

I'm sure that this will give us plenty of grumpy ammunition for the coming season.

Art Vanderlay said...

Having failed to get my preferred sesion done last week, I managed to get to it today.

The 2 x 30 mins (with 10 mins recovery interval) were run off at an alarming pace/level, so quite happy.

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