Thursday, 1 January 2009

TT position

Having a history of spinal problems (first lower back and more recently neck), I have had to modify my TT position quite a lot. A few years back this necessitated raising the handlebars progressively higher. By pure chance, I stumbled upon what was clearly my optimum TT position (the perfect 'compromise' between aerodynamics and ergomonics - enabling me to put out maximum power to maximum effect). This happened towards the end of the 2006 season when back pains caused me to raise the handlebar height another few cms. I noticed a difference almost immediately and in the few weeks that were left in the season I posted new best times at 10 and 25 miles and we got out best ever finish in the Duo Normand - in the rain, that year.

Then, for the entire 2007 season I was able to maintain the position I had 'discovered' and the results spoke for themselves: 2nd overall in the Magic Dragon Series (basically, the Welsh national TT series), 6th in my category of the British Championships and a massive 1m 50s shaved from the club's 30 mile mountian TT course record. Sadly, it all came to an end just before the 2008 season started when I developed problems with my neck (a bulging disc that pressed on a nerve and made my right arm go numb - not to mention the neck pain). I had to raise my bars even higher (about 8 cm in all) to minimise (but not remove) the pain. The result was that I was far from aerodynamic, but at least I was able to race. My results though were not great.

Anyway, after lots of physiotherapy and the like I am now able to return to my 2007 position. If I can keep injury free and carry on in this position then it augers well for the coming season. Time will, of course, tell. But I am certainly feeling far less grumpy about my prospects at the moment.

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Face it, you're just getting old!

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