Saturday, 10 January 2009

Testing Times

The other day I updated my profile at the good old Planet X website. This was to get a heads-up when Ian Cammish's "The Testing Times" newsletter was published. Lo and behold, I got an email this week with the very announcement I was waiting for.
Subtitled "Britain's crappest time trial fanzine?", I rather suspect that it might be that as well as the best - if only because it's the only time trial fanzine, unless you count the myriad club newsletters up and down the land.
To be honest, it's a pretty good read for a fanzine, though as a former club newsletter editor I wonder whether Cammish has shot his bolt a bit quick - he seems to cover quite a lot of stuff here.
High points - the silly L-shaped cranks; the picture of Nik B and his massive ring (oo-er!); the retro-articles...
Judging from the comments left at the Planet-X website, it seems to have met with approval from its readership.


Art Vanderlay said...

Yes, it looks prety good. But it is a bit too 'retro' orientated for me personally. Even the current material is a bit old world (BBAR, for example). I'm sure its readership will disagree with me on that - and tat's okay. But on the basis of what I have seen of it so far I don't think I'll be signing up for it.

Now, where can I get some new straps for my toe clips?

Art Vanderlay said...

Hmm, I've just realised that I should have edited that last post - sorry about the typos.

Grumpy Bob said...

izzat your dodgy keyboard playing up, then?

Art Vanderlay said...

Yep, drops its 'h's but has also managed to drop a 't' this time around..

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