Tuesday, 6 January 2009

I am a namby-pamby soft southerner!

Well, I guess 10 years down south have done for my credentials as a tough Scot. I declined to ride to work yesterday morning owing to a combination of snow, slush, ice and darkness. And what's more, I found some pathetic excuse not to go out to the garage (it was -4 C after all) to do a turbo session. Oh well, a rest day will have done me some good. Maybe.
This morning, it all seems to have frozen quite hard. But I must do a turbo session tonight!
In my own defence, it does seem prudent not to got out on the roads and risk breaking a collarbone (or worse), just as the season looms on the horizon.


greenjersey said...

I used to think only about falling off on the ice and risk a ride on main roads but since the North Wales clubrun tragedy I stay indoors when there is a possibility of black ice.

Grumpy Bob said...

greenjersey - that's a good point, and a sobering reflection at this time of year.

Did you see I left a comment on your article about the Northwood Wheelers webpage (which has now been a bit tarted up)?

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