Thursday, 23 April 2009

Almost a Team Grumpy midweek outing

This week's North Bucks club '10' on the Astwood sporting course was overwhelmed with cyclists, and when Grumpy Bob arrived to sign on, the start sheet was filled (mostly with those pesky Team MK types, it seemed!). Amazing what the good weather can do, really (the start sheet was limited to 30 riders due to light). Not to be daunted, Grumpy Bob took advice from NBRC Time Trial Secretary Stubbsy and enquired whether apprentice Team Grumpy member Lindz Barral would be interested in riding 2-up. Happily, he agreed, so at least Grumpy Bob didn't have to return home for a turbo session.

Once again, Lindz revealed strong talents for 2-up time trialling (hopefully "Grumpy" Art won't be too envious), and we scorched round the course in a little over 23 minutes. You can read the full reports at Flies&Bikes and the NBRC website. The only problem is that Lindz doesn't appear to be particularly grumpy, which leaves the question as to what TG name we might give him...

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Team Grumpy move to Rule #4

Word that Team Grumpy has obeyed rule #4 reaches Grumpy Mansions. In a bid to be the smartest team (in a sartorial sense rather than intellectual) on the start ramp come September 20th, "Grumpy" Art Vanderlay has arranged delivery of spiffy new skinsuits from a well-known Swiss company.

Whether this will make a significant difference on the day remains to be seen.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Team Grumpy tifosi disappointed at Astwood

The massive Team Grumpy fan base out there were mightily disappointed by the team's non-appearance in this year's Team MK 20 mile 2-up held on 18th April on the Astwood sporting course. This is obviously such a regular fixture on Team Grumpy's annual calendar that despite not receiving an entry from from "Grumpy" Art Vanderlay, the organiser included Team Grumpy in the start sheet. There must have been some clash in the London North calendar, this year, because the starting list was a bit on the short side - only two 2-up teams listed - this is a bit of a shame as it's a great course, has a great HQ, and is always well-organised. Oh, and the organiser generally arranges with the celestial powers to have pretty nice weather!

Anyway, Grumpy Bob rode in his 2-up slot but was included among the solo riders for the final result sheet. You can read a report on the event over at Flies&Bikes.

To reassure our huge fan club, Team Grumpy are looking to fit in some more events in 2009 to keep in practice before the Duo Normand in September.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Facial expressions in Time Trials

Grumpy Bob just (and rather fortuitously) came across Tom's Cycling Blog this morning. He particularly liked his analysis of facial expressions while time trialling, and wondered how Tom managed the photos without laughing.

Having looked at photos of Team Grumpy on the Duo Normand start ramp, Grumpy Bob thinks the pre-event expression is worthy of analysis. Grumpy Bob is alarmed at his peculiar simpering expression (particularly with the chap in the dodgy T-shirt apparently servicing him from behind), but also at "Grumpy" Art Vanderlay's frankly quite scary expression of fixed determination. Or maybe that's a mixture of relief that "that guy" is once again not behind him and fear of falling off the start ramp...

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Team Grumpy website

Incipient megalomania has gripped Team Grumpy, and they have set up a team website. It aims to take things (slightly) more seriously than this blog, and can be found at

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Form is that elusive thing that we all search for. Maybe others have a good idea when they get their form, but I've never really been able to nail it. I plan to be in form for September, but I do expect to have something resembling form at this stage of the season. Clearly, this is not yet the case.
Frankly, I think form and myself parted company sometime last year and there is no indication yet of any potential reconciliation. Recent results do support this notion.
However, I have been recovering from a virus of late and cannot be certain that this hasn't taken a toll on my so-called form. I doubt it, but one lives in hope. Anyway, today I went out and tested myself on the TT bike around am undulating circuit that I use often for this very purpose. I've been doing this for years so goodness knows how many 'tests' I have carried out on this circuit. Today, I did my third best ever time.
Could this be sign of better form around the corner? I guess I'll find out on Sunday