Sunday, 29 April 2012

Team MK 2-up - A classic Team Grumpy disaster

Apart from foul weather and blustery winds, what could possibly go wrong for Team Grumpy in the Team MK 2-up, a regular event on their time trial calendar?

Two p*****res, that's what. Grumpy Bob can merely refer the reader to the report over at Flies&Bikes, as he really cannot bring himself to recount the circumstances around this latest Team Grumpy fiasco.  Team Grumpy had to resort to beer and Thai food for consolation.

Grumpy Bob has now ordered new tyres.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Alas, Team Grumpy is scratch

On Saturday afternoon, Team Grumpy will be lining up for their second 2-up of 2012, the Team MK 2-up.  This is a fairly regular event for Team Grumpy - either the team turns out, or Grumpy Bob rides solo. Indeed, one year, the organiser entered Team Grumpy in the 2-up section, even though only Grumpy Bob had entered.

This season sees a change: formerly the event was held over two laps of the 10 mile Astwood sporting course.  This year it was to be held on a new course, the F15/25.  Unfortunately thwarted by roadworks, the event will now be a 15 mile event.  The course, dubbed F15/15 or some such is based on the Brogborough 'cheatie' course which sees the riders start by descending a hill that that they don't need to ride back up.  Grumpy Bob is somewhat apprehensive about how apprehensive 'Grumpy' Art Vanderlay will be on the descent.

'Grumpy' Art is probably a bit more apprehensive about the general lack of fitness in Team Grumpy than in his own descending skills: both riders have been afflicted by illness and injury in recent weeks.  The Team Grumpy Manager is aware that recent performances by Grumpy Bob have been distinctly lacklustre, while 'Grumpy' Art is still recovering from his bout of viral assault.

All things considered, the title of this article is quite appropriate.