Friday 26 June 2009

I'm still here too ...

... and I will know exactly where I am from now on because I've bought a Garmin Edge 305.

What d'yer think to that, then?

Thursday 25 June 2009

Grumpy Bob's still here... no accident, personal injury or death occurred during his 12 mile ride on a bike equipped with an 11-speed chain. Despite the 10-speed chainset and the 9-speed front mech.

More seriously, Grumpy Bob reports that the gear changes are super smooth (especially shifting between chainrings, and the new ergo lever shape is comfortable.

Grumpy Bob is quite pleased, actually. But his TT bike is still running Shimano 9-speed...

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Tomorrow is the day...

...Grumpy Bob girds his loins and actually risks accident, injury and death. .

he has plucked up what little courage he has and installed the 11-speed chain (with the extremely expensive mother-of-all-chain-tools*), he has bodged the 11-speed cassette** onto his existing 9-speed Electron wheel, he's fitted and cabled the 11-speed ergolevers (which have a rather comfortable shape), he's splashed out for an astonishingly light 11-speed rear mech and he plans to ride the bike tomorrow morning - but the trouble is...

...he's using two 10-speed components (the front mech and the chainset) which if you peruse the highly alarming instruction book, means he may well be destined for road rash at best, and a funeral at worst!

*The chain tool is pretty awe-inspiring. If you like bike tools that is.

**The lockring that came with the cassette didn't fit the freehub. The only lockring GrumpyBob could find knocking about in his parts bin (aka the garage) isn't really suitable for an 11 tooth cog. but that's a minor issue to sort out...he hopes!

Sunday 21 June 2009

I'm on my way - Duo 2009

Well, one half of the team has now booked the ferry. The accommodation is already booked, so all that's needed is the race organiser to open the entries. Oh, and the other half of the team ...

Saturday 20 June 2009

Accident, personal injury or death

Grumpy Bob has been reading the installation manual that came with a newly purchased Campagnolo Chorus 11-speed chain. He is somewhat alarmed that the limits of bike chain technology have perhaps been reached here.

Installation of one of these chains seems to involve a lot of actions which if not performed absolutely correctly, and with the correct (and rather expensive) tool place the rider in risk of accident, personal injury or death. In fact, his perusal of said manual (about 20 pages in English, albeit small pages) would suggest that cycling is a horribly dangerous pastime.

  • using the chain with 10 speed component may cause accidents, inury or death
  • if Grumpy Bob doesn't follow the instructions, an accident could occur.
  • Grumpy Bob should wear snug-fitting clothes (preferably fluorescent), and not ride at night. And if he is foolhardy enough to ride at night, he must use lights
  • Grumpy Bob mustn't use a component he's unfamiliar with as he might have an accident.
  • Grumpy Bob will find it harder to stop in the wet...which could cause an accident.
  • And because of all these potential accidents, Grumpy Bob must wear a helmet!
  • If Grumpy Bob doesn't use tool UN-CN300, he risks accident, personal injury or death.
  • He should use safety goggles when installing the chain
  • If the UN-CN300 is damaged, Grumpy Bob risks accident, personal injury or death.
  • Use of non-Campagnolo sprockets risks accident, personal injury or death.
  • Incorrect installation of the chain leads to a risk of accident, personal injury or death.
  • Opening and closing the chain more than twice brings with it a risk of accident, personal injury or death.
  • When lubricating the chain, Grumpy Bob is exhorted to make sure no grease gets on the rims, otherwise he risks...accident, personal injury or death.
  • Not only that, but if Grumpy Bob uses a poor-quality lubricant, he risks...accident, personal injury or death.
  • Salted roads can damage bike components, possibly resulting in accidents. But not death apparently.
  • If Grumpy Bob doesn't recognise when the chain gets worn and replace it, he again risks accident, personal injury or death.
At this point Grumpy Bob is getting just a little nervous about ever getting on the bike again!

This video shows how it should be done:

[hat-tip to Cozy Beehive]

Friday 19 June 2009

wimping out

I see that Grumpy Bob wimped out of his club 25 Championship and rumour has it that he has also wimped out of beard removal (though, not yet confirmed).

Well, just to show solidarity I have completey wimped out of any training for almost the last two months. Heavy workloads and now a hacking cough have conspired against me. However, I did ride the Bynea CC 50 mile TT a week ago and surprised myself with 2h 7m on a very windy day on this notoriously tough course. I did 59 mins exactly to the turn (including a 24 sec late start penalty - because I was too busy talking to one of the marshalls on my way to the start), which gives you an idea how strong the wind was.

Having at last got ride of the burden of two jobs (now only have one) I was looking forwards to getting back on the bike when I was struck down by this dreadful cough. I, therefore, anticipate a return to training next week. This should be ample time to be flying for the Duo in late September.


Monday 15 June 2009

Back from touring in Scotland

Grumpy Bob has returned from his annual tandem cycle tour in Scotland. This year the tour encompassed the Islands of Mull and Skye, and also the Black Isle (which is not actually an island, of course). If you're interested you can read about it at Flies&Bikes.

Now he's back and trying to see how his legs will perform in Wednesday's club '25' championship...