Friday, 21 June 2013

Return to Racing

After what seems like an age, the respective members of Team Grumpy have at last started racing again. However, certainly in my case the term should be treated as a liberally applied - rather than literally applied - one. After my slowest ever 25 mile TT (which to be fair was in the Brecon Beacons on a very windy day), I managed to set my fastest time for 10 miles for two seasons. This, though, was still an embarrassingly poor time (which I am not going to reveal) and says more about how many 10s I ride and how bad I am at this shorter distance. But training has gone well recently and the results do show an improvement.

As is usual when things are not going especially well, I have invested in some new kit: a very neat set of Zipp handlebars and a Dura Ace chainset to replace the Campag (which I simply could not stop from 'clunking').

Grumpy Bob has had disruption after disruption to his planned season but now has at least had a couple decent outings on his new power-tap disc wheel. The results are encouraging, if not spectacular. Could this all be part of a masterplan to build gradually for the end of September and hit top form at the Duo Normand? Let's hope so.

Talking of the Duo Normand, I see entries are promised to be open 'very soon'. Somehow, though, it all seems to be a long way off still. Maybe that's just as well.