Monday, 24 May 2010

Half of Team Grumpy go ceramic

I've just installed ceramic bearings in my H3s. This is done not so much with an eye on the claimed lower rolling resistance, but in the hope that I will no longer need to de-rust the rear H3 everytime I go out in the rain with it. Previously, I've changed the seals and also tried a new rear spindle, but somehow water does creep in.

Anyway, ceramic might provide a solution to that particular problem, but whilst ordering the bearings for the rear it seemed a good idea to do the front as well - so I did. I also went with top quality grade 5 bearings. It'll be interesting, then, to see if they make any difference. But how will I be able to tell?

Friday, 21 May 2010

Team Grumpy accused of systematic Leffe abuse

Team Grumpy received a long and detailed email denouncing Team Grumpy as organising "institutionalised energy drink abuse". The long, rambling and frankly incoherent email specifically named 'Grumpy' Art Vanderlay as the team member who actively promoted the consumption of what became the official team energy drink, Leffe. Over several seasons which many would characterise as "under-achieving", consumption of Leffe has long been suspected as the agent responsible for poor performance, inadequate technical preparation, and general loss of enthusiasm. One might take as examples both Team Grumpy outings in the 2010 season.

Bizarrely, low consumption has also been blamed for Team Grumpy's disastrous first appearance at the Duo Normand, due to early onset of cramp.

It is thought that the email originated from one member of Team Grumpy in particular. Wild accusations of excessive Leffe consumption by other cyclists not associated with Team Grumpy are thought to be exaggeration and an example of mental disorder. Specific occasions of "Leffathons" are particularly mentioned.

Finally, considering the accusation of institutional Leffe abuse, it is astonishing that the team management escape accusation entirely.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

At Last ...

... I am free of the pressure of work and can start to re-enter the land of the living. I begin training again today and will race for the first time for almost two months on 29 May.