Sunday, 15 March 2009

NBRC club 2-up '10'

Not quite a Team Grumpy outing, but Grumpy Bob paired up with Lindz Barrall of iTeam CC in the North Bucks Road Club 2-up team time trial, held on 14th March. Full results are at the NBRC site and at Flies&Bikes (reports from two slightly different perspectives).
GrumpyBob admitted to some nerves (mostly because he was worried about doing something wrong!) at being paired with a rider he's not previously raced with, but it all went quite well. Lindz did shoot off from the start at astonishing velocity, which left Grumpy Bob gasping as he came through for his first spell at the front, but aside from the formation falling apart slightly on the inclines they rode pretty well. Certainly better than the "Laurel and Hardy Ride a Two-up" performance that Team Grumpy managed in their first 2-up event some years ago!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ride, it was an honour(?!) to be part of Team grumpy for my first ever 2-up performance. I definitely cost you a bit of time on the inclines though, for some reason the legs just weren't having it!

Art Vanderlay said...

and there was me assuming that the problem on the inclines was the other way around.

Maybe, we should start running associate membership for Team Grumpy. I have some candidates here who sometimes do two-ups with me.

An interesting thought.

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