Saturday 19 February 2011

Aaargh! Literally. (OK, so it's all gone pear-shaped).

As usual, Grumpy Bob rode to work on Monday.  Also as usual, he was on a tandem cycle, and accompanied by his stoker, who just so happens to be the Team Grumpy team manager, famous for requesting 400W in a bluff Bjarne Riis style.  Anyway, upon arriving, Grumpy Bob parked the tandem in the narrow bike shed, and in so doing wrenched his lower back to the point of agony.

Forgoing a request that Grumpy Bob deliver 400W (on the quite reasonable grounds that he wasn't actually on the bike) the aforementioned manager sympathetically observed that this injury had better not affect their upcoming trip to Scotland.  Since then, the only mileage ridden by Grumpy Bob has been to limp home on the tandem (it was felt this would be the least unpleasant way to get it home), and he has been in significant pain ever since.

Team Grumpy has about a fortnight before the Port Talbot Wheelers 2-up '25'.  The event has been entered, the restaurant table reserved, holiday booked out from work... At least Grumpy Bob will be well-rested by then, and ideally pain-free and ready to ride.  Here's hoping...

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