Saturday, 18 June 2011

Grumpy Bob breaks Team Grumpy rule #2

The Team Grumpy rules, which can be found in the left-hand sidebar of this blog, include the following:
2. Don't tinker with your bike the evening before the event. It will break, either then or, worse still, during the event.
Unfortunately, Grumpy Bob has discovered that his time trial bike's headset needs a bit of attention.  He has, therefore, removed the stem and bars, disconnected the front brake and removed the front forks.  Having seen to the headset bearings, he has now reassembled everything, in time for this evening's 10 mile time trial (Century RC '10' over on the F20/10).

Will everything work OK this evening?  Will breaking rule #2 have consequences, foreseen or unforeseen?

The omens are not good for the time trial, it's very windy and heavy showers keep coming over.

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