Friday, 23 June 2017

Duo Normand 2017

It's June, and Team Grumpy has entered the 2017 Duo Normand despite an almost total lack of form. This is due (in the case of Grumpy Art) to a prolonged period of illness just as the 2017 season was getting under way and (in the case of Grumpy Bob), a mysterious drop in form. Oh well, Team Grumpy doesn't let minor issues such as lack of fitness get in the way of a fun extended weekend in Normandy!

Travel arrangements are sorted, as are the accommodation requirements.

 After last year's tragedy involving a collision between a veteran team and a supporting car near the finishing line, Team Grumpy had wondered what changes would be implemented in the 2017 event.
To be honest, Team Grumpy has long felt that the following cars were more of a nuisance than a benefit and with one exception has eschewed the use of a following car. It's in the final hairpin section from Marigny and back, that cars are a particular issue.

From the Duo Normand website, it seems as though following cars won't be permitted in the final 12km of the course, and that there will be some neutral vehicle arrangement to aid stranded riders in that section. It also seems there's a clash in the UCI calendar that may reduce entries in the Elite category.

Team Grumpy first participated in the 2003 Duo Normand, and in all subsequent editions bar one. This is Team Grumpy's 14th Duo Normand outing.

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